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Revsuptime is an advertising platform with income distribution, which gets income from two directions: from advertising sales and from trading operations on the cryptocurrency market.
While purchasing advertising packages, you are profit from them. Secondly, you receive advertising credits CPM and CPC banners, necessary for promoting your business on our website.
To receive income from packages, you must do qualify every day ("Qualify Now"), by viewing 10 qualifying ads per day.

To profit from the "DEFI"/"TRADE" package qualification is not required.
You will be receive 5% when your referrals purchase advertising packages.
The minimum withdrawal for Perfect money, Payeer - 10$
For Bitcoin - 40$
You can withdraw funds from “Earning balance” and “Main balance”.
The "Maximum Withdrawal Level" is the maximum amount that you can withdraw from project. The "Maximum Withdrawal Level" can be increased on 130% with the help of deposits, purchases of packages and BAPs from payment systems.

By making deposits, buying BAPs and packages using payment systems, your "Maximum Withdrawal Level" will increase by 130%.

By withdrawing funds, your "Maximum Withdrawal Level" will decrease.
Package “Start” (1$) = return 0.85% per day. (Revenue 110%).
Package “Defi” (5$) = return 0.40% per day. (Revenue 135%).
Package Power (10$) = return 1% per day (Profit 130%).
Package “Chrome” (25$) = return 0.54% per day. (Revenue 118%).
Package “Bronze” (100$) = return 0.45% per day. (Revenue 122%).
Package “Trade” (200$) = return 0.42% per day. (Revenue 124%).
Profit from adpackages will be distributed as follows:

75% of the profit will be added to the "Earning Balance".
25% of profit will be added to the "Re-invest Balance".

Nothing happen, your packages will work until they bring you profit.
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