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6 Months
News Date : May 09, 2019 11:43:24
Dear users, we are pleased to announce about 6 months of stable work of our project. And we continue to steadily grow and gain an audience.

We also added promo banners in the "PNG" format. You can find them in the section "Promo Tools" => "Promotional Banners"

Best Regards.
News Date : May 04, 2019 20:03:06
A little more and we will have 6 months of stable work.

We would like to remind users:

- That, when you make transfers funds between your balances, amount of the transfer will be added in the field "Total withdrawal amount". Balance transfer will be considered as withdrawal funds. This function works from the start of the site, but in some fields for the users the information was not updated. Now the information is updated.

This week all balances have been added to the panel for users. Now you will be more convenient to monitor your profits. Also in the FAQ added information about the balances.

FAQ. How do work balances?

1. Main Balance.
- deposits are added on this balance.
- from this balance you can buy packages, memberships, advertising.
- from this balance you can withdraw funds .

2. Earning Balance.
- from this balance you can buy packages, advertising.
- 50% of the income from packages is added on this balance.
- from this balance you can withdraw funds .

3. Re-purchase Balance.
- from this balance you can buy packages, advertising.
- 50% of the income from packages is added on this balance.

4. Commission Balance.
- from this balance you can buy packages, advertising.

For a better understanding of our project, we recommend visiting FAQ.

Best Regards.
5 Month
News Date : April 12, 2019 18:49:50
Hello, dear users. We are pleased to inform you about 5 months term of steady work.

Here are a few changes:

1) Currently you can view qualification ads at any time within a day, from midnight to midnight (from 00:00 to 00:00). Now, you do not need to wait for 24 hours in order to qualify.

2) At this moment, withdrawals are available in Bitcoin. Also, the deposit is accessible in such cryptocurrencies as: BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, NEO, XRP.

Please check the number of your BTC-wallets and change them if needed because of having had LTC-wallets in this place earlier.

Best Regards.
Floating percentage
News Date : March 23, 2019 12:06:57
Starting today, a floating percentage of revenue is introduced in the IRON and CHROME advertising packages.
Package “Iron” (10$) =1.1% - 1.4375% per day.
Package “Chrome” (25$) = 1% - 1.2% per day.
The remaining packages remain unchanged.

The cost of memberships is reduced. Now each membership costs much less:

Membership Easy = 0,29$
Membership Medium = 0,99$
Membership Explorer = 2,49$
Membership Professional = 4,49$

Best Regards.
Deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency.
News Date : February 12, 2019 18:03:05
Hello, dear users. We want to remind that we accept deposits in such cryptocurrencies as: BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, NEO, XRP.

Withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency only on LTC wallets.

Best regards.
Update daily return
News Date : January 15, 2019 17:55:44
Hello, dear users. A small update about the daily return. Changed daily return in the first three adpackages.

Package “Start” (1$) = 2% per day. Closing position: 55 days.
Package “Iron” (10$) =1.4375% per day. Closing position: 80 days.
Package “Chrome” (25$) = 1.2% per day. Closing position: 100 days.

Full information about the profitability of the adpackages you can always see in the FAQ, question 9.

Best Regards.
Happy New Year
News Date : December 31, 2018 20:33:06
Hello, dear users.

A New Year is always a cause for celebration.
We appreciate doing business with our users and we wish all the best in the coming year.
In 2019 we will continue the development of our platform.
Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Best regards.
Qualification ads
News Date : December 31, 2018 17:37:11
Since some users had problems viewing ads in new tab, we did Qualification ads are now in standard form.
We launched.
News Date : November 08, 2018 21:09:01
Hello dear users.

We launched. Now you can buy our packages and earn:

Package “Start” (1$) = 2.20% per day. Closing position: 50 days.
Package “Iron” (10$) =1.92% per day. Closing position: 60 days.
Package “Chrome” (25$) = 1.34% per day. Closing position: 90 days.
Package “Copper” (50$) = 1% per day. Closing position: 125 days.
Package “Bronze” (100$) = 0.867% per day. Closing position: 150 days.

Best regards.
700 Registrations
News Date : October 31, 2018 13:00:46
Hello, dear users. We have reached 700 registrations on our site.

A little more and we will launch the site. After the launch of the site, it will be possible to buy advertising packages and receive profits from them. To purchase a specific package, you must have the appropriate membership:

Easy membership is required to purchase the IRON advertising package.
Medium membership is needed for the CHROME advertising package.
Explorer membership is necessary to purchase the COPPER advertising package.
Professional membership is needed for purchasing the BRONZE advertising package.

For package "Start", membership is not needed.

In order to make a profit from the packages, you should look at 10 qualifications of ads per day. Please, before starting the site, check whether you can view the qualification ads. The Adblock should be disabled.

If you have difficulty viewing qualifying announcements. Please contact us.

Best ragards.
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